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Lobbying in a COVID World

Government Relations has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have seen the changes to how lobbyist conduct their business with the change in the political tides. I know everyone can agree after 8 months of living in a COVID world, it has dramatically altered the way to lobby. Instead of walking into an office building to check in with your favorite friends on the Hill, you call them. Instead of flying in your client's executives to show how important your position is for the country and for the particular member's district, you schedule a virtual meeting. We lobbyists, as a collective group of people, are very personal and love to have that face to face interaction. However, like with everything, we all must adapt to the changes in the times. We must do our part to keep the rest healthy.

Thankfully, Thomas Advisors has been able to rely on our reputation and our strong relationships to continue to strategically maneuver our clients positions through the maze of the US government. We have been blessed that our entire team has stayed healthy throughout these very difficult times for the nation we all love. We no longer go to the office each day but we all have been working from our respective homes to help prevent our people from being impacted by COVID. We are a boutique lobbying shop in which each of our people, from the top to the bottom do the work... staying healthy is so important. We will continue to deliver results for our clients whether on the Hill, in the administration, or around the world. We are the same government relations team we were before COVID: strong and effective.

We are a resilient nation and we will continue to be the greatest country ever. From our team to you and your families, stay health, and God bless America.


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